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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Re: Patrik Schumacher article "Parametricism and the Autopoiesis of Architecture" (draft I meant to publish earlier)

I thought the reading on Schumacher's lecture at SCI-Arc started off a bit slow and drawn out...but I was intrigued to read more about his interest in a "comprehensive unified theory" of contemporary architecture, even though it seems a bit arrogant in the way that he describes his intention as a way to standardize a definition for a comprehensive unified theory so "that people don't trip over each other and get in each other's way." Also not sure that I agree that architecture starts "500 years ago in the early Renaisance..."

As a student with a background in both fundamental design as well as conceptual/avant garde architectural design exploration and experimentation, I find myself craving more definitive opinions of the current changes and movements in the architectural profession. I find it very useful to have been exposed to a traditional modernist approach to design as well as digital experimentation and formal derivation from nature and biological systems.

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