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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beginning my Lineage and Collection: Gradient and Movement

I began to gather images to compile my first lineage as well as my overall collection. and I came across the following images that were a result of my search for "architectural designs and gradient." I think these images are really great examples of different interpretations of the concept of gradient; in regards to:

1.) gradient  in surface texture and color
2.) gradient as seen in converging and diverging lines 
3.) gradient in perspective
4.) gradient revealed through positive/negative spatial relationships
5.) and  gradient as it appears in 3 dimensional surface components

These images are also great examples of implied movement through patterns of lines, colors, and lights.

Law firm by PSA (images from Dezeen)

Student project (Image from Architizer)

(Image from Picasa)

XTen Architecture: Saphire Gallery (Image from Dezeen)

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