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Monday, February 14, 2011

Notes and Reactions to "Hair and Makeup" by Jason Payne



-The "superficial" contains power

-Technique to tactics is an important shift

-"The 'superficial' is not superfluous."
     -if the superficial is fundamentally instrumental to its project's success.
     -tactical device to move project forward
     -operative device which plays a role in the life of a form

-Hairstyles suggest a "palatability" and "appeal"
     -design decision

-"Emotive Evocations"


-I like the comparison of rock and roll hair and makeup to architecture

-I also like the fact that it's ok to think of a design or elements of a design because we like it. Using the superficial as a tactical device is an interesting one because the "superficial" appeals to human senses and it seems to make sense to want to harness this type of influence in a design profession where we aim to influence an occupant's experience or perception of a space. But, I also think that the "superficial" has the potential to become an out-dated.

-As students we are taught to never design based on just what we like, so does this mean that a designer can start with a form they like or even add details simple because we like the way it makes the project look vs. what it does or what it means for the project's concept?

-At what point in the design process is the "superficial" allowed to show up?

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