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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Images to Add to My Collection: "Movement"

Cebu table

Maria Blaisse- a piece from the "Bamboo-Moving Meshes" exhibit

 Maria Blaisse's work is about "inciting the flow of continuous creation." I decided to include her work in my "Movement" Collection because I feel that the continuation of line and curvature of form represent dynamics and therefore inspire feelings and thoughts of movement. I am also interested in the impact that one form/element has on another. Even in this static image, I think that the impression that the dancer is making on the bamboo mesh is loaded with the insinuation of movement.

Convexities House was designed by Antonino Cardillo Architects in Spain and was inspired by Flamenco dance
Antonio Cardillo says, “If architecture is music in stone can its “limbs” dance? Architecture only remains still in pictures. In real life its natural state is one of transition. Both man and light move within it."

I see movement in this work through the usage of line, depth of material, shadow, and direction of the grain of the wood ceiling element. When you look at this image, your eye follows the lines of the slats of wood on the walls from one end to the other, and is even continuous when the linearity of one element is interrupted by another. Not only is the above image a great representation of movement, but it could also be justified as a great example of implied "pulsation" in still elements-As your position in the space changes, so does your perspective of the slatted linear elements-and as that perspective shifts, the space between the slats (shadows) appears to change (get smaller or larger), and I think that this tricks the eye in to sensing pulsation or movement within the space.

Zaha Hadid-The Opus, Dubai Building

We are all aware of the fluidity and implied movement of the building forms and facades that Zaha Hadid's studio creates, and with that said, I think that the interior of this project was appropriate to include in my collection of items/images exhibiting "Movement" because it serves as an example of movement through extruded lines that become layered planes as opposed to thin continuous linear elements as seen in the Convexities House. From this perspective these layered planes (stairs) draw the occupant into the space as if it were pulling you in to continue your experience.

Static Movement 2d image by "We Are Not You"

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