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Monday, February 14, 2011

Notes and Reactions to "Machine Language" by Greg Lynn


-"How does one work in a visionary way today that is neither utopian nor avant-garde, but in the present?"-GL

-"Participating in the moment is the toughest task for architecture."-GL

-The film industry is restless to get into architecture


-Greg Lynn says that "architecture defines the contemporary more than any other field..." and that "architecture has never been stronger in the public realm and the cultural imagination than it is right now, but the discourse that architects provide for their discipline has probably never been weaker."
     -If "participating in the moment is the toughest task for architecture," then how can architecture "define the contemporary" more than any other field? Is it the images/renderings that are the most influential in contemporary culture, or is it the architectural space itself that defines the contemporary?

-I like that Lynn talks about his experience with crossing over into other design related professions or endeavors. I'm attracted to this idea because hybridizing adapting techniques ultimately leads to fresh design generating or fabricating ideas. Intermingling these tools and techniques also helps architects and designers convey their message much more clearly to a wider range of audiences.

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